December 8, 2022

Can Car Accidents Cause Acute PTSD? Ways to Manage it to Live Better

If you read the news, you will find that numerous people in America are getting injured because of car accidents. It’s because there are people who drive recklessly and don’t abide by the traffic rules and regulations. Also, the rate of drunk driving has also increased, which has made many people get injured in car accidents. Additionally, there are times when people who got injured in a car accident don’t get legal representation. As a result, they suffer monetarily as well as physically. All these can result in PTSD. 

Understanding PTSD

Simply put, the term PTSD refers to post-traumatic stress syndrome. It refers to an emotional condition or state that is an outcome of any trauma, such as a car accident. Generally, no one can get to know beforehand that they will encounter a car accident. Most victims of car accidents share that they only feel something terrible is going to a happen a few seconds before the crash, which doesn’t provide them with much time to save themselves from the accident. At times, people are in a complete daze when the accident takes place. Hence, emotional and physical recovery takes a long time. 

Today, there have been several accounts where car accidents have resulted in severe PTSD in adults, kids, and senior citizens. They don’t feel safe within their home and have developed a phobia about going out of the house or traveling in a vehicle of their choice. While the emotional recovery will take time, it is essential to get compensated for the damages. And for that, the best solution is to get in touch with an expert lawyer who can provide the victim with a legal representation, thereby getting the compensation to cover for the damages. 

How to manage PTSD from a car accident?

People who develop PTSD from a car accident stop traveling by car. Also, if they were driving the car during the accident, they decided not to drive in fear. There have been cases where a person has forgotten how to drive as well. But it is necessary to treat this condition. The obvious way out is to seek medical help.

In most cases, the doctors will suggest anti-depressants and psychotherapy. Medication might be suggested in the initial days of the treatment when the mental and physical wounds are more. Gradually, the doctor might taper off the medication based on the progress made by the patient. 

One of the best ways to treat PTSD resulting from a car accident is by taking therapy. Here the therapist talks to the patient and tries to get to the root cause of the fear and trauma. By using cognitive behavior therapy, the therapist guides the patient to behave in a certain way that will enable them to let go of the traumatic memory of the accident and take the courage to drive again. The process of therapy takes time and the speed and time for recovery vary for different people. Others need to give the patient time to leverage the therapy and heal from within.

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