September 30, 2022

Different Types of Lawyers Available

Lawyers can be challenging to understand. Attorneys work in the courtroom of law as advocates for their clients while judges control the proceedings. There are different categories of lawyers based on specialization, like criminal defense attorneys who only take cases that involve a crime and civil attorneys who handle all types of lawsuits in civil courts. If you’re thinking about becoming a lawyer or want to know more about the kinds of lawyers, this article is for you.

  • Civil Lawyer:

Civil lawyers primarily handle matters that involve disputes between two parties or between someone and a government agency. These attorneys work on cases collectively when they’re involved in litigation against an organization or another person’s party interests. It is because they have to work together as partners to create strategies that will help them win their case at hand.

  • Criminal Lawyer:

Criminal lawyers are the specialists who fight for the accused in criminal cases. They do this by examining the evidence against their clients and then coming up with a defense. You can quickly get the best attorney service in your area by visiting Mesa, AZ.

  • Family Lawyer:

Family lawyers focus their practice on the legal needs of families. For example, they handle cases involving divorce, child custody, prenuptial agreements, and adoption. Family law attorneys are also called domestic lawyers because they provide legal advice and representation in the context of personal relationships that involve family members.

  • Corporate Lawyer:

Corporate lawyers are specialists who work for corporations to protect their rights and guide them in their business decisions. Corporate attorneys serve almost as company liaisons because they’re equipped with the knowledge of federal laws and regulations. Corporate attorneys also help companies draft contracts and file trademarks and patent applications with the Patent Office to ensure they have proper ownership over their creations.

  • Real Estate Lawyers:

These lawyers work with the seller, buyer, realtor, and lender to settle disputes regarding the sale of a property. In this sense, real estate lawyers provide legal protection for their clients during the document preparation phase of land transfers.

  • Civil Rights Attorney:

Civil rights attorneys work to enforce rights granted by the local and federal governments. These rights include the right to due process, equal protection under the law, freedom of religion and speech, trial by jury, and other legal assurances enshrined in statutes by the U.S Congress or local agencies.

  • Bankruptcy Lawyers:

Bankruptcy lawyers are tasked to provide legal assistance and representation for people experiencing financial difficulty. In addition, these lawyers seek to settle their client’s debts or help them enter into a repayment plan with creditors.

  • Environmental Lawyer:

Environmental lawyers specialize in cases involving environmental issues. Companies, groups, and individuals who are protesting the policies of the government or local agencies about polluting land, air, and water hire them. These attorneys work closely with engineers and scientists to develop solutions that will protect the environment while at the same time making a profit for their clients.

  • Intellectual Property Lawyer:

Intellectual property lawyers work to protect the rights of inventors and artists by registering their patents and trademarks with the USPTO or other government agencies. These lawyers’ job is to ensure that their clients’ ownership over creations such as books, music, videos, computer programs, and chemicals is legally protected.


Lawyers are often taken as mercenaries in the legal field. It is because they can defend their client’s interests by exploiting loopholes in the law or finding loopholes in present legal precedents. It is why you should know that lawyers always work for the benefit of their clients, be they individuals or corporations, about their cases.

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