January 21, 2022

Will There Be Death Note Season 2? Understand All the Latest News associated To Release, Cast, and Plot Here

Death Note is one of the great animes in history, and that is clearly. The real version of the show ran for thirty seven episodes from 2007 to 2008. Based on a manga series of the same name, the anime is created and represented by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata respectively. Even after fourteen years of its publication, Death Note has remained one of the most famous anime that ever existed. First launched in 2015 on NTV network in Japan, the Death Note TV series is now available to run with English Subtitles on Netflix. The series also accepted over 95% audience approval on Google ratings.     

What is Death Note Season 2 Release Date?

We are already halfway through 2020, and Madhouse is still renewing ‘Death Note’ Season 2. However in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Netflix has most likely put the second season on hold. Thus, Death Note Season 2 is not getting out soon. 

Who are all in the voice- characters of Death Note on Netflix?

  • Mamoru Miyano appears as Light Yagami
  • Nakamura Shido II also emerges as Ryuk. 
  • Furthermore,  Aya Hirano appears as Misa Amane
  • At last, Kappie Yamaguchi is emerging as L, the detective. 

What is the Death Note Plot? 

Death Note in the Japanese manga series denotes to as supernatural notebook that murder people if their names is written in it. One day, he finds Death Note, which takes him to murder people who he thinks do not deserve to survive. 

Is there any anime like Death Note? 

Yes, there are is a fine amount of anime accessible which will give you the same experience as Death Note some of them are as following:

  • Mirai Nikki
  • Erased
  • Death Parade
  • Code Geass

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